Most entry level healthcare jobs get paid between $12.00-$14.00 per hour depending on where you go to work and your previous work history. There is potential to make much more as you gain more knowledge, experience and certification.

In order to take the online program, you must have access to a computer and Internet, other than this ICD-9, ICD-10, CPT manuals are required during the classes. The classes will be taken one-to-one in live web sessions.

Healthcare workers need basic knowledge, regardless of what role they are filling. That is why you see some courses overlap between the two certificates. Many students choose to complete both the medical coding and the medical billing. This increases a student’s knowledge base and makes them more marketable for many employers. Completion of one prior to starting the other is recommended.

AAPC allows a second attempt without charge.

Yes , upon request we will help you with the exam schedule and registration.

Yes , if any student want books through us we will help them to get the books in discounted rates.

All the instructors are medical professional and are certified coders with expertise in field of medical coding.

Its 32 weeks course which will take approximately 4 months to complete the course. Classes will be started as soon as you are enrolled into the course .Our online programs are self-paced and flexible, to best fit your schedule. After the completion of your program you will be provided the sample papers for CPC exam preparation.

Yes ,as we offer special training to non-medical students with fundamentals of medical knowledge from scratch.

No , but in case you are not from medical background then its always recommended to complete medical Terminology and Basic Anatomy & Physiology course prior to taking the Coding courses for better understanding.

No. We currently do not offer financial aid, but we do accept visa, master cards and paypal payment.

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